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Only 1% of B2B companies unleash their full potential. Why? Because to achieve this, you need both a winning strategy and synchronized execution at scale.

Few companies get one of them right. Almost no company succeeds at both. STRATOS will change this.


Reason for this is that it is difficult and cumbersome to capture and synthesize all decision-relevant external & internal knowledge: external data is virtually unlimited and only a small subset is meaningful. Internal data is usually dispersed across systems, files, and individuals.

Even once the relevant information is integrated and harmonized, a lack of common decision-making principles makes it difficult to derive decisions that the organization perceives as fair & fact-based.

In addition, interdependencies between decisions lead to a constant back and forth between stakeholders and individual decisions.


To achieve synchronized execution, you first need to consistently cascade your strategy across management levels, functions, and regions.

However, this is only the beginning as in order to stay synchronized in a dynamic world, you need to continuously coordinate priorities, resources and financials across the business. Basis for this is a common single source of truth, which is usually lacking.

Instead, most companies spend endless hours generating & updating Excel and PowerPoints. These are usually siloed and therefore inconsistent. They are also offline and as a result rapidly deteriorating data assets. Most importantly, they are usually backwards-looking and not actionable.


As developing a winning strategy and achieving synchronized execution at scale is hard, very few companies unleash their full potential.

While this is the central challenge, companies are left alone to tackle this problem.

Having spent years to overcome this challenge ourselves, we decided to change this: with STRATOS we developed a category-defining product which enables companies to systematically define a winning strategy and achieve synchronized execution at scale.

We believe that in the future most companies will use a Strategy Operating System, the same way they are using an ERP & CRM system today.

We’re defining a new category:

Strategy Operating Systems

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